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StoneTree is the result of an inspired collaboration between venerable golfing figure and storied design expert Sandy Tatum, World Golf Hall-of-Famer Johnny Miller, design craftsmen Jim Summers and Fred Bliss.


Tees Rating Slope
Championship 73.1 138
Black 70.9 135
Blue 68.6 123
White 65.2 115
Ladies Blue 75.0 143
Ladies White 70.8 126

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Dress Code and Policies

Dress Code:

  • "Soft Spike Only" facility
  • Gentlemen's shirts are to have a collar
  • Appropriate fashion tops for women
  • Tee shirts and tank tops are prohibited
  • Shorts to be mid-thigh length, no cutoffs please
  • No denim clothing allowed


  • Golf cars to remain on cart path on all Par 3's
  • Advanced payment for golf required prior to play
  • No outside food & beverage allowed on property
  • All alcohol purchased on site must remain on site
  • Pace of Play target of 15 minutes per hole or 4-1/2 hours per 18 holes
  • Golf cars included in fee, walking allowed
  • We ask that all guests be respectful to Environmentally Sensitive areas
  • Repair your ball mark and one other on each green
  • Replace all divots in fairways and fill divots with sand/seed mixture provided on all Par 3's
  • Must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver's license to operate a golf car

All Rules and Regulations must be adhered to at all times when visiting StoneTree Golf Club. USGA Rules of Golf govern all play except when modified by Local Rules. This section will take you to the official USGA Web site, which contains the complete Rules of Golf. The USGA has not endorsed or sponsored this club, its Web site or any of its products or services in any way.

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Local Rules

Rock Retaining Walls and Tree Wells

On holes # 14, # 15 and # 16, the rock retaining walls around the trees are Immovable Obstructions. You are allowed a free drop from these obstructions if there is interference with your stance or swing.

Environmentally Sensitive Hazards

Are defined by red, white and yellow stakes with green tops on them and you are NOT allowed to enter these areas at anytime. Environmentally Sensitive Hazards are found on holes # 7, # 9, # 16, and # 17.

Stakes Defining Out of Bounds and Hazards

Any stake within 12” of the path or curb will be deemed to be touching the path or curb.

Holes #14 and #15

The drainage ditches on the hill are to be played as an integral part of the course (no free drop received) unless your ball lies on the exposed netting or metal grates.

Hole # 9 – Provisional Ball

If a player’s ball has passed the drop zone, but there is some doubt as to whether it is in the hazard or not, you may play a provisional ball from the drop area before proceeding forward to look for your original ball.

Drop Areas

Players may use the drop areas on holes # 8, # 9, # 10 and # 17.

GPS Devices

Distance measuring devices may be used that measure distance only. Any measuring device that measures wind or gradient is not permitted.

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